Bid Calling & Business Auctioneer Training

What Does The Course Cover:

More Than 80 Hours of Professional Auctioneer Training and Instruction Covers:

Developing Auction Chant and Bid Calling

Voice Control and Effectiveness

Professional Auctioneering Ethics

Appearing at Ease Before Large Audiences

Overcoming Stage Fright

Getting Started in Auctioneering

How to Book an Auction

Selling Absolute Versus with Reserve

Working with a Sound System

How to Become a Top Ring Person

Advertising and Managing Every Type of Auction

Clerking and Cashiering an Auction

Computerized Clerking and Cashiering

Real Estate Contracts and Titles

Residential Real Estate

Agricultural Real Estate


Auction Laws and Licenses

AppraisingFederal/State/County/City LawsBookkeeping & Accounting

General Farm and Machinery Auctions

Collector Car Auctions

Wholesale Dealer Auto Auctions

Auction House

Livestock Pavilion and Registered Livestock Auctions

Registered Livestock

Effective Body Language

Antique and General Merchandise Auctions

Consignment Auctions

Bankruptcy Auctions & Business Liquidation Auctions

Personal Image

Tobacco Auctions

Benefit Auctions

On line Auctions





March 19-26 - Kansas City, MO

July 23-30 -  Des Moines, IA

October 8-15 -  Location coming soon!