What Others Say

The history of an Auction College, like a family, is also the story of its people. It would be impossible to include the thousands of letters received through the years. However, here is what some of the over 40,000 graduates say about the Worldwide experience.

All of the instructors were nice, professional and helped me understand how to create a chant and what the auctioneering business is all about.
Sterling L., Las Vegas, NV

Your staff was Top Notch.
Paul D., Prairie Du Chein, WI

My time spent here was well worth the money; wish I could have done it 35 years earlier.
Doug D., Imperial, NE

I really enjoyed every minute of the World Wide College of Auctioneering.
Summerslee L., Las Vegas, NV

I really enjoyed the speakers and the instructors for all the great help they have given. They were really patient and willing to teach.
Nathan E., Washington, MN

Everything was great and this has been the best week of my life thus far.
Keelan D., Bowie, TX

It was the first school to come up when I did a search for auctioneering schools online.
Jared C., Guthrie Center, IA

World Wide College of Auctioneering is the school recommended by Mecum Auctions.
Violet A., Marengo, IL

They (Instructors) were very professional and treated everyone with the utmost respect.
Jared B., Yukon, OK

World Wide College of Auctioneering is the most organized, professional, educational organization that I’ve ever experienced.
Theresa W., Hong Kong, China

Very professional, very supportive, very knowledgeable!! Loved all the great instruction and meeting the auctioneers in this business.
Dan W., Fullerton, CA

Everyone at World Wide College of Auctioneering was great. A big thank you to Col. Darrell Cannon for the extra time and instruction working with me after class.
Kristie M., Kenosha, WI

This has been one of the most positive weeks in my life.
Brian L., Shawnee, KS

This was a wonderful nine days. All of the instructors were very kind and professional. Overall a great time.
Kelly L., Dubuque, IA

World Wide College of Auctioneering was a positive, supportive. Honest, knowledgeable and list goes on. WWCA walks their talk.
Liz W., Bloomington, MN

I was told that World Wide was the best, and I found them to be very kind and supportive.
Ronnie B., Pauls Valley, OK

This was an A1 first class school.
Clayton A., Chamberburg, PA

I was extremely impressed with the pure passion, heart, and depth that each instructor presented to me and my classmates. The fact that they are instructors and industry leaders made my experience that more complete.
Libby P., Denver, CO

I can't say enough what top of the line this school is. The people are so kind and welcoming and very helpful.
J. H., Lubbock, TX

I was absolutely impressed with all of the staff at WWCA. Very professional and all did a great job of criticism as well as a pat on the back when earned.
R. L., Touchet, WA

This is the auction school of choice for Adesa Auctions.
D. F., Caledonia, Ontario, CANADA

I was impressed with the willingness of the instructors to share their knowledge and felt as though each one truly wanted every student to be successful. I also felt very strongly that this is the quality of people that I want to be associated with.
M. O., Philip, SD

I have had a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten. Thank you for an amazing time and fantastic experience in life.
D. I., Glasgow, Scotland

I have had nothing but positive comments to give anyone who asks about this program. You do great with this program and serve your students well with current changes in the industry.
D. F., Jamesport, MO

Everyone was superb....Professional, helpful and supportive!!! As someone who had never attended an auction, I didn't feel a bit "out of the loop"! Thanks again for the best time of my life!
L. L., London, Ontario, CANADA

World Wide education starts with honesty and integrity. We learned from the best auctioneers working today!
Troy Wilde, Yuma, Arizona
June 2006 graduate

Recently while flying home after a successful real estate auction I am writing to thank the World Wide College of Auctioneering for the sound training I received. When I started the school I did not know one thing about real estate auctions, now with my schooling and experience I conduct many in Canada and the United States.
Mark Buleziuk, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
1995 World Champion Auctioneer

I attended WWCA in 1975. Since then, I have been a full-time Auctioneer having the honor of being the Auctioneer at some of the most important auctions in the world; Barrett Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, Keenland in Lexington, Kentucky and The Red Baron Fine Antique Auction in Atlanta, Georgia. Without the great training I received at World Wide, all this would not have been possible. My sincere gratitude to WWCA for a job well done.
Spanky Assiter, Amarillo, Texas
1992 International Champion Auctioneer

I attended World Wide in 1980. I am now a full-time Auctioneer conducting nine Auto Auctions each week. My credit for this goes to World Wide, you provided me with the excellent training that made it possible for me to achieve this success. I recommend if anyone is thinking of attending Auction school, go to the top Auctioneer education. World Wide equals success.
Shane Ratliff, Chicago, Illinois
1992 International Champion Auctioneer
1992 World Champion Auto Auctioneer

After my time at World Wide College of Auctioneering, I came home with a complete understanding of how your training offers more actual one-on-one instructor/student bid calling practice and live public auction as well as covering all areas of Auctioneering. Students attending your college go away with the tools needed to go out to be successful, continue to teach what Auctioneers need.
I am now pleased to be an instructor at World Wide so I can pass on my knowledge and expertise to women Auctioneers, indeed all Auctioneers, to become successful.
Amy Sparks, Alex, Oklahoma
2000 International Champion Auctioneer

I wanted to become better. A better bid caller, a better auctioneer. I knew that I would be competing in the International Auctioneer Championship and wanted "the magic" that would boost me over the top. I trained with the Champions and I became the 2015 International Auctioneer Champion Women's Division.
Tammy Tisland
2015 Women's IAC Champion