Introducing You To February 2016 Graduate Tricia Karpiuk

We would like to introduce you to February 2016 World Wide College of Auctioneering Graduate Tricia Karpiuk. Trisha traveled from Canada to come to auction school and she quickly embraced the team environment.

Tricia Karpiuk

What surprised you the most about auction school?

How well we all supported each other in a loving way. All learning together helping each other to be successful. The camaraderie was great, a big family and team environment.

What state do you live in?

I'm from Western Canada. I live in Alberta. The town I'm from is Waskatenau, Alberta. (POF 267). It's in North Central Alberta, one hour north east of Edmonton.

How many auctions did you attend this year?

I attended 12-15 auctions in the last year.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

Cuba for sure, I love it there. It's so beautiful, peaceful and serene. The Cuba people also have amazing hearts, along with great culture. I'd love to go back in a heart beat, hopefully Cayo Santa Maria, soon.

Tell us about your family.

I'm single and the baby of the family. My mom is 87 years old (widowed for 12 1/2 years now). I have one older brother and two older sisters all single, living in Edmonton, Canada. My mom is my biggest motivator in life. She tells me to work hard and be the best that I can be. I'm proud that my parents of Ukrainian descent taught me to work hard. I have a strong work ethic and to never give up on life. I miss my daddy deeply. It was him (John Karpiuk) that gave me my love of auctions. As we both went to farm sales together in Alberta.

Tell us about your "aha" moment while at auction school.

It was day three, for sure, during one of our drill break sessions. I can't remember which instructor it was, as all were great help. I did one of my auction chant selling rounds and the instructor said, "Tricia, you did GOOD, but you can't learn while still trying to be perfect." The students agreed... nobody's the best when starting. I knew I could be myself and KEEP trying! As my fellow students and instructors kept helping me to become stronger and better, without judgement. That time on was amazing! The support, guidance and love were also appreciated from my fellow classmates.

Do you have any favorite quotes that motivates you each day?

First one is from my favorite move, Field of Dreams. It's true, if you build it, they will come. The second quote is from auction school. This one makes me smile- You'll work hard, but have fun! Sooo true about the auction industry.

How many siblings do you have?

I have one older brother and two older sisters, as I'm the baby of the family at 44 years.

Do you have a favorite auction company? Which one and why?

I'm strongly attracted to family run auction companies. They have worked hard to evolve, grow, stay strong to be successful in Alberta. They are EPA Auctions of Redwater, Alberta. Ed Prodaniuk himself an auctioneer for 40 years. While the business has been in the Prodaniuk family for 80 years. Mitchner Allen Auctions in Edmonton has been successful and strong for 40 years. A great inspiration from both.


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