Canyon, TX

- 1975 WWCA Graduate

- WWCA Instructor since 1993

- 2014-2015 NAA President

- National Auctioneers Assn. - Life Member

- (CAI) Certified Auctioneers Institute - Graduate

- 1985 President - Texas Auctioneers Assn.

- 1991 Texas Champion Auctioneer

- 1991 NAA (IAC) International Auctioneer Champion

- 2005 World Champion Automobile Auctioneer

- BS -  Mass Communications - Texas A&M

- MA - Business Administration - Texas A&M

- sold auctions in all 50 states


- cellphone: 806 681 9211

Profile: Spanky Assiter is one of the most dynamic & successful auctioneers in the auction profession. As a young boy - he grew up on a Texas pumpkin farm and then went on to become the most recognized auctioneer in the world. He is in demand selling Real Estate, Automobiles, Fundraising & other auctions throughout the nation. His oratory skills are well known and is a popular in demand speaker at national, state & other auctioneer groups. His trademark salutation "Love ya Love ya" is well known & appreciated by auctioneers & everyone everywhere.

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