Crete, Illinois

- 1980 World Wide Graduate

- WWCA Instructor since 1993

- National Auctioneers Assn. - member

- 1988 Illinois Champion Auctioneer

- 1991 Indiana Champion Auctioneer

- 1992 World Champion Auto Auctioneer

- 1992 NAA International Auctioneer Champion

- 2007 NAAA 'Auctioneer of the Year'

Profile: Shane Ratliff is one of the most admired auctioneers in the history of the auction profession for his unexcelled auctioneer ability & humble demeanor. Auctioneers from coast to coast & border to border have tried to emulate his machine gun chant. Affectionately called "The King" just like Elvis - he is a true professional & gentleman.

The Oct. 16-23 Session in Denver has been canceled.
Session will now run October 30 - Nov. 6 in Kansas City, MO
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