Burwell, NE

- 1995 World Wide Graduate

- WWCA Instructor since 2008

- Nebraska Auctioneers Assn. - member

- 2000 Nebraska Champion Auctioneer

- 2006 Greater Midwest Livestock Champion Auctioneer

- 2006 International Champion Livestock Auctioneer

- 2008 World Champion Livestock Auctioneer

- BA - Production Ag - Eastern Wyoming College

- operates a 9000 acre ranch with 1000 cow/calf pairs


cellphone: 308 750 6119

Profile: Col. Lowery as a little boy played the role of an auctioneer as young as 2 years old - a prelude of becoming one of the greatest auctioneers in the history of the auctioneer profession. He knows how to do it and how to teach it. A World Champion Livestock Auctioneer & Triple Crown Champion - he always get top marks as Instructor. In addition to being in demand as a registered livestock auctioneer - he has unexcelled auctioneer ability & pleasing personality.