Alexandria, LA

- 1986 auction school graduate 19 years old

- WWCA Instructor since 2013

- 2000 Louisiana Champion Auctioneer

- Past President - Louisiana Auctioneers Assn.

- Hall of Fame - Louisiana Auctioneers Assn.

- 2006 NAA International Auctioneer Champion

- 2003-06 Director - National Auctioneers Assn.

- 2010-11 NAA Education Institute - Chairwoman

- 2007-12 National Auctioneers Foundation - Trustee

- Holds Auctioneer Licenses in 23 States

- Has sold auctions in nearly every state

- Sold auctions all across the country for Walmart


cellphone: 318 443 6614

Profile: Barbara Bonnette is one of the most accomplished auctioneers in nation today. As a little girl she would tag along with her grandparents to the sale barn (many do not know that the first thing Barbara sold at auction was a cow) and listen hour after hour & day after day - she soon could mimic the auctioneer very well and the rest is history. Immediately after High school off she went to auction school and went on to make her mark as one of the top auctioneers in the country. Whether selling oil field equipment in Texas, Paper Mills in Maine or Harley Davidson Motorcycles in California - this auctioneer can get the money and do it with a smile on her face.