Canyon, TX

Profile: Amy Assiter grew up on her family's Angus cattle ranch at Alex Oklahoma. With her sharp mind and people personality - early in her career she was hired as a Commodity Broker with her office at OK City Stockyards and soon rose to the top. Trained by Auctioneer legend Ralph Wade - she immediately made an impact as auctioneer. Amy has a true servant's heart and her #1 possession in her life is her Grandfather's Family Bible. This top auctioneer has done it all and is as comfortable doing an auction in Madison Square Garden in downtown New York City or rounding up cows a horseback in the beautiful hills of Oklahoma.

- 1988 Trained w/ Ralph Wade to become an auctioneer

- WWCA Instructor since 2000

- 2000 NAA International Auctioneer Champion

- National Acclaimed Singer including #1 hit "Simple Little Me" by Music for the Good Life

(Amy has donated all proceeds from her #1 hit song - to Military Families Children's Charities)

- Sang the National Anthem in front of millions of people at venues nationwide including NASCAR Circuit

- has sold auctions in 40 states


Office 806 655 3900 :


The Oct. 16-23 Session in Denver has been canceled.
Session will now run October 30 - Nov. 6 in Kansas City, MO
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