Introducing You To World Wide College of Auctioneering Advanced Bid Calling Seminar Graduate Tammy Tisland

We would like to introduce you to World Wide College of Auctioneering Advanced Bid Calling Seminar Graduate Tammy Tisland. Tammy graduated from our March 2015 seminar and recently became the 2015 Women's IAC Champion. We would like you to get to know Tammy  a little better and learn about her experience at our Advanced Bid Calling Seminar.

Tammy Tisland


1. Why did you decide to attend the Advanced Bid Calling Seminar at World Wide College of Auctioneering?

I attended because I wanted to become better. Better at bid calling and a better auctioneer. I knew I would be competing in the International Auctioneer Championship and wanted the "magic" that would put me over the top. I trained with the champion... And became the 2015 International Auctioneer Women's Division.

2. What one thing surprised you the most about this seminar?

How much insight these champions have to the heart of the auctioneer. They were amazingly good at honing in on each individual's weaknesses and strengths. I also really appreciated the fact that they would meet each night to discuss each student and develop a plan specifically for them.

3. What state do you live in?

Confusion. Ha! Minnesota

4. How many auctions have you attended this year?

Too many to count. A lot.

5. Tell us about your family.

I am the lucky mother of a son, Jeremiah who is married to a wonderful young lady, Katie. They have blessed me with two amazing grandchildren, Camron and Gabriel. They live in Montana. I also have a beautiful daughter, Sarah who is married to a very nice young man, Brandon. They have blessed me with a granddaughter, Shea. They live in Connecticut. I have a very special sweetie in my life as well.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to live?

Not sure. I have thought about many places. I think I would rather explore other places and return here, I guess.

7. Tell us about the "aha" moment while attended the Advanced Bid Calling Seminar.

It came late in the day on day 2 when I realized the "magic" was that the instructors had honed in on early the first day.

8. Do you have a favorite quote that motivates you each day?

"Live each day with courage. Take pride in your work. Do what has to be done. Be tough but fair. If you make a promise, keep it. And always ride for the brand."

9. How many siblings do you have?

I have one sister.

10. Do you have a favorite auction company, and why?

Yep. United Country Aasness Auctioneers. I have a vested interest in the business. I have surrounded myself with people who are supportive and like-minded. I do also enjoy doing some contract auctioneering as well and enjoy most all of the people I work with.

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