Introducing you to World Wide College of Auctioneering Graduate Jennifer Clifford

We'd like to introduce you to September 2014 World Wide College of Auctioneering Graduate Jennifer Clifford.

Jennifer Clifford

1. Why did you decide to attend World Wide College of Auctioneering?

As a DJ and a voice-over actor, I’ve always loved creating excitement from behind a microphone.  When I realized that by becoming an auctioneer, I could take my passion for entertaining and motivating people and put it to work for organizations that do good in the world, I sent my deposit to World Wide.  I believe using my talents to serve others is the formula for true happiness!

2. What one thing surprised you most about auction school?

The caliper of the instructors, they are the best in the world. I also couldn't believe how tired I was. I told my husband the last time I was that tired was when our daughter was born. I guess the best things in life make you the most tired, when they are being born!

3. What state do you live in?

Beautiful Colorado! I’ve lived here for almost 17 years. My husband Tom and I got married in Chicago and moved to Denver the next day... Moving away from family, friends and work is not something I would recommend to newlyweds, but all’s well that ends well, and we’re still happily married

4. How many auctions have you attended the past year?

I’m guessing around 25.  I’ve been the auctioneer at four auctions since graduating from World Wide, worked as a bid spotter for some of the greatest auctioneers in Denver, and attended many auctions for what I like to call, auctionmosis [ôkSH(ə)n MOH-sis]. My definition being; the tendency of auction excitement, especially but not limited to the auction chant, to pass through an auction attendee and improve their life!

5. Tell us about your family.

There is not enough room on this page to tell you how incredibly awesome my husband and daughter are.  But here are some highlights:  My husband Tom’s passions are; our daughter Abby and spending every Saturday with her at Westernaires (her equestrian drill team in Jefferson County), real estate investing-- both buy-and-holds and fix-and-flips.  He restored a ‘68 Shelby GT 500 KR but would love a GT 40.  He joined the dark side when he converted to snowboarding from skiing about 10 years ago but I still let him eat dinner at the table.  Abby is a great student, equestrian, and she has the most wonderfully dry sense of humor,  she cracks me up on a daily basis.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to live?

Physically; Colorado.  Emotionally; Colorado.  Spiritually; Colorado.  I guess... Colorado!!

7. Tell us about one "aha" moment while attending auction school.

There were many.  One that really came from left field was the idea of pursuing auctioneering as a family business. Tom and I have always done our “own thing”, and when it comes to work, we’re very different.  Tom is a mechanical engineer by training and loves real estate projects.  I have a degree in business administration and have always worked as an entertainer.  While at auction school I had the idea that we could work together in auctioneering, me calling benefits and he in real estate, that was a lightbulb moment!  Tom’s looking forward to auction school at some point, maybe this September if all goes well...

8. Do you have a favorite quote that motivates you each day?

It’s hard to choose just one, there are so many great unoriginal ideas.  Maybe,one day at a time”.  I’m not sure who said if first, maybe the Carpenter when he said “give us this day our daily bread”.  I believe in staying out of the past or worrying about the future, and living in the now is a present.

9. How many siblings do you have?

One, my sister Anne.  She lives in Colorado and is a very talented artist.  You can see her designs in her Etsy Shop at Uniquely Abundant My mom was incredibly talented artistically and between the two of us, Anne inherited all her talent.  I draw fat stick people, but my daughter definitely has my mom’s talent.

10. Do you have a favorite auction company, if so, which one and why?

I can’t say that I have a favorite auction “company”.  There are many auction company owners that I admire because they embody values like integrity, honesty and humility. Their companies are a reflection of their ideology and they prove to me that I’m in the right place by choosing the auction industry, they inspire me to be my best and I’m proud to be among their ranks.

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