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Welcome to the World Wide College of Auctioneering.

Thank you for stopping by our web site and feel free to peruse the various areas. I know you will find them very informative. World Wide College of Auctioneering was founded in 1933 by the legendary auctioneer Col. Joe Reisch to provide the very best Auctioneer education and training available and today we are continuing at the same high level of excellence and tradition. Since that time over 40,000 men and women of every age, from every state in the United States, from every Canadian province and from many foreign countries have taken their place in the personal and financially rewarding world of auctioneering, most had no prior auctioneering or public speaking experience. You too can join the ranks of the wonderful world of the professional auctioneer.

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Small Classes

Only a limited number of students are in each class. Students get personal and individual attention from all instructors. With this method you are assured of specialized assistance and get more practice selling than any other method.

Learning Together

Group participation for confidence building.

Video Training

Latest technique for developing an efficient and effective selling presentation.

Instructional Audio

For pre-study Tape or CD and reference.

Our Instructors

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